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L2 Top 200

Destroy Plague Carriers

The ratmen, who the Elves call 'the plague carriers,' spread an epidemic in the Elven Forest and once fought for the Dark Elves. Because of this, the Elves have bitterness against them. Master Ellenia asks you to eliminate the ratmen that are nesting in the Elven Underground Fortress. Bring her their fangs as proof, and you shall receive a reward.



 Start Location

Elven Village

 Start Npc

Master Ellenia






Yes (Solo)


60a / 10,000a

Quest Guide

1. Talk to Master Ellenia in the main building of the Elven Village.
2. Hunt Sukar Wererats (lvl 18 passive) and Sukar Wererat Leaders (lvl 19 aggressive) which drop Wererat's Fangs, and their boss Varool Foulclaw (lvl 20 passive) who sometimes drops a Varool Foulclaw's Fang. Once you get a Varool Foulclaw's Fang, you must return to Master Ellenia, as you will NOT get another until you restart the quest.
3. Return to Master Ellenia at any time and turn in the Wererat's Fangs for 60a and the Varool Foulclaw's Fang for 10,000a.

You can continue to repeat this quest indefinitely and return with any number of fangs at any time.

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