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L2 Top 200

Merciless Punishmen

Baranka, the Shaman of Darkness, is planning to destroy the kingdom of the Orcs. The Urutu Chief Hatos has ordered the elimination of Baranka's followers in order to stop his conspiracy. Go to Centurion Parugon to receive information about Baranka's followers.



 Start Location

Orc Village

 Start Npc

Urutu Chief Hatos






No (Solo)


Butcher's Sword / 100 Lesser Healing Pots / Echo Crystals

Quest Guide

1. Talk to Urutu Chief Hatos in the main building of the Orc Village, up the southern ramp. He will give you Hatos's Order1.
2. Talk to Centurion Parugon at the north exit of the village.
3. Buy 3 scrolls of escape, it's a long walk.
4. Hunt down the Baranka Messenger (lvl 12 passive) and kill him to get the Letter To Human. Take the paths northeast to the path loop, then take the south then east path from there to the Cave of Trials area. Watch out for high level monsters. Cross the bridge and continue straight east up the hill to /loc 16,580, -118,600.
5. Return to Urutu Chief Hatos (use a scroll), he wll take order1 and give you Hatos's Order2.
6. Kill the Baranka Messenger again for a Letter To Darkelf.
7. Return to Urutu Chief Hatos, he wll take order2 and give you Hatos's Order3.
8. Kill the Baranka Messenger again for a Letter To Elf.
9. Return to Urutu Chief Hatos, he wll take order3 and the 3 letters.

The rewards are as follow:

  • 100 Lesser Healing Potions
  • Butcher's Sword
  • 10 Echo Crystals - Theme of Battle
  • 10 Echo Crystals - Theme of Love
  • 10 Echo Crystals - Theme of Solitude
  • 10 Echo Crystals - Theme of Feast
  • 10 Echo Crystals - Theme of Celebration
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