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Totem of the Hestui

Recently, more and more gray bears on the Immortal Plateau are becoming possessed with the evil spirit of Kasha, the spirit of death and decay. Seer Tanapi worries about this and explains that the gray bear is originally the protective totem of the Hestui Orc tribe, and asks the player to bring death to the possessed gray bears and put them to rest. While hunting kasha gray bear totems, the player will confront Kasha's Spirit. Defeat the spirit and bring back proof to Seer Tanapi.



 Start Location

Orc Village

 Start Npc

Seer Tanapi






Yes (Solo)


Leather Pants / 5500a

Quest Guide

1. Talk to Seer Tanapi in the main building of the Orc Village, southern chamber.
2. Hunt Kasha Bears (lvl 15 aggressive) in the northeast near the waterfall to collect Kasha Parasites.
3. Once you collect 50+ parasites, the Kasha Bear Totem Spirit (lvl 17 aggressive) will spawn and attack you. Once you kill it you will get a Kasha Crystal.
4. Talk to Seer Tanapi. He will take the crystal and give you a Totem Of Hestui and Leather Pants.
5. Sell the Totem Of Hestui at a store for 5500a and the Leather Pants for 760a.

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