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Go Get the Calculator

Blacksmith Brunon, who wants to go to the moon, wants a newly developed calculator in order to make precise estimations. Heroes that agree to get this have to look for the guild to get the clues…



 Start Location

Dwarven Village

 Start Npc

Blacksmith Brunon






Yes (Solo)



Quest Guide
Starting Town - Dwarven Village
Race Resrtictions - None
Reapeatable - Yes
Time - About 1 hour
Tips - Grab 1 SoE , 2 - 3 Haste potions (or WW) and 12k for teleporting.

~ Once in Dwarven Village head to the Blacksmith's Shop (west near the center of town by the broadcasting crystal)

~ Head through the door on the left hand side and Brunon should be standing right there as you walk in. Talk to him...

~ Select the "Quest" option, then the "Calculator" option he will talk about his calculator and some guilds that you have to search for clues.

~ Once you are done talking to Brunon (while still in town) head north to the "Golden Wheel Guild" and speak with "Elder Spiron" (located on your left once you go up the small hill)

~ Again select the "Quest" option, it will give you two choices, select the one dealing with the calculator, then he will begin to ramble on and ask you a question: "Which is the best Dwarven trade guild?"

~ Select "Golden Wheel" since it is his guild it is pretty obviously that is the answer, so supporthis uber 5 people clan and shack ^^ Hurray for they're sieges :?

~ He will reply with:

~ Next consult "Elder Balanki" he will be to your left in the same building as "Elder Spiron", speak with him....
*missed picture*

~ Select the "Quest" option, then on the next page the "calculator" option...

~ Like all greedy dorfs he wants money (100a to be exact)

~ Give it to him and he will give you a clue in return.

~ With the info you gathered run back to the Blacksmith's Shop and talk to "Blacksmith Silvera"

~ ONCE AGAIN click "Quest", then "Ask about the calculator".

~ She will tell you to find her 10 crystals from the "Gemstone Beasts".

~ The "Gemstone Beasts" are located in the Abandoned Mines.

*DIRECTIONS* (from entrance)

1.Follow the entrance to the first room, once in; make a left (only way you can go)

2.Take that tunnel into the next room.

3.In this room there is two ways you can choose to go:

~ A. To the south in the room there are about 6 - 7 beasts 45second spawn.

~ B. To the north, follow the tunnel up and over the bridge into the next room, take the ramp down to the small hallway.In the next room there will be pleanty of beasts even is someone else is hunting there.

~ To get the gems just kill them as usual...

~When you get a crystal this message will appear;

(at lvl 21 they was dark blue to me and i got a crystal about every other beast)

~ Once you get 10 of the crystals , scroll back to town, when you arrive head back to the "Blacksmith's Shop" and talk to "Blacksmith Silvera"

~ Select the "Quest" option.

~ Tell her you got the crystals...she will gladly give you the calculator.

~ Take the calculator across the room to "Blacksmith Brunon" and speak to him.

~Choose "Quest" ONE LAST TIME! He will babble on about how its not the 9.0 version of the calculator and the one he owns has Windows 2004 on it.... :? In other words he's a lying bastard!

~ Take the calculator (dont know what will happen if you choose the 1000 adena, but since your doing this quest for the calculator just take it!! O.o )

~ This is the message you should get : "Earned Calculator"

~ And thats that! Your Finished!!!! :D
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