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Gatekeeper's Favor

While having a conversation with Gatekeeper Wirphy of the Dwarven Village, she says that her body, created from the technology of the ancient giants, has been damaged and her energy is draining away. She asks you to obtain starstones, which had been used as the source of energy by the giants, and bring them back to her. Perform her favor and slay whinstone golems, then gather twenty starstones from them and bring them back to her to receive a charm that lets you teleport to Gludin town for free.



 Start Location

Dwarven Village

 Start Npc

Gatekeeper Wirphy






Yes (Solo)


2 Gatekeeper Tokens

Quest Guide
  1. Talk to Gatekeeper Wirphy in the southern part of the Dwarven Village.
  2. Hunt Whinstone Golems (19 passive) and collect 20 Starstones. you will find them north of town, over the bridge and just over the hill on the other side of the river. They cast a nasty wind strike, and are immune to arrows and daggers.
  3. Give the stones to Gatekeeper Wirphy to get 2 Gatekeeper Tokens that are each good for one free teleport (normal price 3000 adena) to Gludin from the Dwarven Village. The return trip is 6000 adena, so do not leave the Dwarven lands until you are ready.

    Note: Killing other mobs to get the 3000 adena is far easier than doing this quest.

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